Hiring a magician for your event can be a great idea. However, if you hire a standard or unsuitable magician for your event, it can end up being a disaster — for both your guests and your wallet. This is especially true for magicians at adult events. While there’s no shortage of Tallahassee magicians for children’s parties, it takes a keen eye to pick out the best magician for your adult party. While magicians can be great for things like bachelor parties or business parties, hiring the wrong magician for your house party can make you the laughing stock of the neighborhood. So as you being making our first calls for magicians, here are a few things to go over first.

Finding the Right Magician for Your Event

While a magician for a kid’s party is almost guaranteed to be a blast, you can’t be so sure when you’re hiring a magician for an adult’s party. Things like pulling rabbits out of hats or quarters from behind ears simply won’t cut it for a bachelor/bachelorette party. For these parties, you want a magician who specializes solely in adult events. Whether it’s the shady magician who can pickpocket your watch without you knowing it or a seriously raunchy magician, you want to be 100% sure it’s going to work well with your event. For these events, a “strolling” magician will work wonders. If you rented out a venue for your party, a magician who casually strolls around doing crazy card tricks or pickpocketing your guests will work excellent. Since a magician at an adult’s party will be far from the main event, look instead for a good complement to the party.

Finalizing Your Decision

Once you have a concrete understanding of what Tallahassee magicians offer, along with your event and your guests, you should begin booking in advance. Since the best magicians have full schedules, you’ll need to begin looking possibly months before your event. There are a couple key questions you’ll want to ask as you call around. For instance, “can you perform for a mixed group? I may have children there” and “what exactly is your specialty? Card tricks? Illusions?” are great questions to ask. However, don’t give out too much information about your event. You still want to make sure you have the right match, not somebody who is going to comprise their act to meet your needs.

To conclude, you want the magician to match your event to a T. Whether it’s a standard magician with a cape who can pull rabbits out of hats or a somewhat shady magician, you want to be sure that your guests will appreciate it. But most importantly, you want to make sure the magician is comfortable at your event.