Face Painters

Most parents may see a professional face painter as a waste of money. Sure, mom took tons of art classes in college, and dad knows how to paint a deck to perfection. But if you want face painting to be the focal point of your event, you have to go professional. You want the children, or the adults maybe, to take on a new identity. There’s tons of options you can do for this. For instance, a little bit of war paint can go a long way with the right child, and what kid wouldn’t like to be a scary alien or a disgusting creature for the day? When you look for the best Tallahassee face painters, you want to be on the lookout for three key points. Number one is the most important for the children, the artwork itself. Number two is how the face painter fits into your event, and number three is the most important for the parents: the budget

The Main Attraction: The Face Painting

There’s a lot professional face painters can do nowadays. From some of the most realistic images painted on a child’s cheek to an entire face painting, hiring a face painter for your party can make it one to remember. First off, be on the lookout for a specialty. If you see sharp lines, excellent colors and some airbrush art, this will be a great painter for simple cheek pictures like the child’s favorite video game character or logo. But if you want your children to take on a new identity, you need a face painter that has great overall skills. Keep your eyes peeled for samples of entire face paintings. If they know how to make a mean-looking monster, you can bet that they’ll have no problems turning your child into their favorite animal.

The Event

Next up, you want to make sure the face painter fits in with your event. Things like carnival-themed parties or even general themes like army, animals or Harry Potter for instance make everyone’s jobs much easier. However, if you’re throwing a simple birthday party with a handful of kids, a casual face painter should do the trick. In the end, try to come up with your theme first, and then find a Tallahassee face painter company that can match that theme.

The Budget

And finally, you need a face painter who fits in perfectly with your budget. If face painting is the main event, you should be able to afford a high-quality painter. But if face painting is going to be taking a backseat to other attractions like a bounce house or a magician, there’s no need to break the bank for simple rainbow cheek paintings or something similar. Also, don’t be taken aghast at their prices. You have to remember that this is their living, and most professional face painters, no matter how good they are, simply cannot count on daily or even weekly bookings. A perfect balance between budget and exceptions along with a good game plan for your event are all you need to consider for finding the best face painter in Tallahassee.