While clowns used to be one of the best forms of party entertainment in the past, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you hire a clown nowadays. Things like cliche jokes, over the top gags or too many pies to the face can make hiring a Tallahassee clown for your party the worst idea yet. To be safe, you may want to consider hiring not only a clown, but a party company that has clowns. When doing this, you have a little bit more confidence that you have a well put-together party rather than a birthday party with a random clown.

Most importantly, you want to make sure you have a clown that will be a hit with your guests. Do not hire a children’s clown for an adult party, and definitely do not hire an adult clown for a children’s party. While you can find a clown that has a bit of compromising skills and who could meet you in the middle, you still want to find a clown that specializes in your specific event. So to start, let’s go over a few concerns when it comes to children’s clowns.

Children’s Clowns

First off, if you’re throwing a party for children 5 years old and under, a clown is usually a safe bet. A few ballon animals, maybe a little self-harm and a few gags are perfect for a children’s party. But whatever you do, don’t dip into the savings account for a children’s clown. The children will love the idea of a clown show, and most likely, the clown’s voice and makeup will detract attention from the show itself. Be on the lookout for clowns that have thrown successful children’s parties in the past, and get a good feel on what his/her performance is going to include. While some kids may think a pie to the face is a riot, you cannot guarantee the same for every child there, so pay close attention to the clown’s act and the children who will be watching it.

Clowns for Adults

Of course, if you’re hiring an adult clown, you’re going to need just a little bit of debauchery. Since you can count on a pie to the face being the biggest party foul of the night, you need to offer your guests honest, true humor. Tallahassee clown companies specialize in events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events and even casual get-togethers. While an adult clown can most likely tone down his act for a children’s party, the same can’t be said about children’s clowns for adult parties. You want to see proof, things like videos and testimonies, of the particular clown’s aptness for adult events.

Also, you want a much clearer understanding of your guests when it comes to adult clowns. While most adults don’t mind a couple innuendos or some inappropriate balloon tricks, once again, you cannot guarantee this. So if you’re hiring a clown for a corporate event, perhaps you could do without the dirty jokes. But if it’s for a bachelorette party, you’ll need a clown who is comfortable and excels with this kind of atmosphere.